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After installing the CityAD Pro Player app, there’s a minimal setup process that must be followed before you can configure your advertisement schedule.

If you are using a Raspberry Pi based player, please follow the Raspberry Pi Setup instructions to connect the player to your network before proceeding with this setup.

  • After installing and running the CityAD Pro Player app, you’ll get the main screen. You need to create a new player in your CityAD Pro control panel using the Player ID shown in your new player’s main screen
  • With your favourite web browser open your CityAD Pro control panel using your username/email and your password

If you still don’t have any CityAD Pro account, just register for free at our CityAD Pro website

  • Once in your control panel, use the left side navigation panel to select Players screen and click on New Player button. The Player Configuration form will appear
  • Insert a name for the player, the Player ID shown at the player main screen, and a location. You can also select the Group that the player will be part of if you have already created this group.
  • Before creating the new player, you must assign a license to the player, so click on the License tab and select a valid license to assign to this new player

If you don’t see any available license, then you must first acquire one at CityAD Pro website. All CityAD Pro users have a lifetime license for their first player for free.

  • Click Apply and the new player will be added to your account and appear in your list of players. After this step, the player will show it has been assigned a new license and if it has also been assigned to a group then it will start playing it’s group advertisement schedule
  • At this point your player is ready to show your advertisement schedule. Now you must upload/create the media you will show and configure your video and audio playlists and groups

If you are having any problem to follow these setup steps, feel free to ask any question to our support team at